USA women’s hoops coach rips ‘sexist’ and ‘Trumpian’ critics of dominant Olympics team


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The USA women’s basketball team is so good. They are so, so good. We probably don’t talk about just how good they are as much as we should. 

How good? Try to guess the last time the U.S. women lost an Olympic basketball game. Go ahead, just try to guess; answer comes after the jump.

OK: The USA women’s basketball team hasn’t lost a game in the Olympics since 1992. 

That is so long ago. That is so, so long ago. It is one year less than a quarter century ago. It is so long ago that the side the U.S. lost to in ’92 was called the “Unified Team,” made up of former Soviet republics. Indeed, the Soviet Union broke up only about six months before the U.S. women’s most recent Olympic loss.  Read more…

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